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Watch This Artist Create a Photo Realistic Portrait of the Iron Spider Using Just Colored Pencils

Wajid Ali, a self-taught artist based in the United Kingdom, creates masterpieces using a medium you probably gave up sometime around the fifth grade: colored pencils. But whereas you struggled to stay in the lines, Ali creates portraits of pop culture icons you’d swear were actually photographs once he puts down his pencils.


This wonderful time-lapse condenses 30 hours of sketching, shading, and dithering into a six-minute video where Ali’s hands fly across the canvas, adding three-dimensions of depth to a two-dimensional portrait of the Iron Spider version (as seen in Avengers: Infinity War) of Spider-Man.

If you’re particularly enthralled with Ali’s work, when you’re done watching this time-lapse again and again, you can buy prints and posters of his portraits over on his official Etsy shop.


[h/t The Awesomer]

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I soooo wish I could draw that well.

I can’t, but here’s a Spider-Man universe animation I made using pictures of Spider-Man character models and a recent picture someone took from the Manhattan Bridge.