Watch This 45-Minute Documentary on the Making of Disney's Zootopia

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The year is still relatively young, but one of the biggest surprises on the big screen has to be Zootopia. The early footage looked okay, but no one could have guessed Disney Animation had made one of their best films in decades.


We’ve written extensively about the making of Zootopia, which was quite the roller coaster ride: the lead character changed late in the process, all kinds of new tech was created to make the animals and world as realistic as possible, and now you can learn about all that and more. Fusion made this fantastic documentary called Imagining Zootopia, which was shot over two years of the movie’s production. Check it out!

[Fusion YouTube]

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Had to pause video... HOLY F***! This is really good. This doc is at the quality of something that comes as a bonus with your blu-ray purchase, especially at a 45 minute run-time i can’t believe we just get this ‘for free’. Goes back to vid.