Watch thirty epic hours of snowstorm Nemo in just sixty seconds

Last Friday, a hulking blizzard snowstorm overtook the Northeast. Few places were as hard-hit as Boston, parts of which were shrouded in more than thirty inches of snow by Saturday morning. This timelapse video, shot by Beantown resident jere7my tho?rpe between Friday 2/8/13 and Saturday 2/9/13, packs 30 hours of snowfall, plowing, shoveling, and disappearing/reappearing vehicles in just under sixty seconds. It's... intimidating.


Writes jere7my:

I pointed my camera out my window for the blizzard of 2013, called by some NEMO. I started the timelapse at 2PM, shortly after the first snow started falling, and stopped it thirty hours later, once the sun had set and the bulk of the cleanup was done. The camera took a photo every minute, which (at 30fps) means you're seeing an hour every two seconds.

See also this incredible timelapse shot in Framingham, Connecticut, which claims to depict 30" of snow in 38 seconds.


jere7my tho?rpeM and migess3111

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I, for one, refuse to play the Weather channel's little game of naming winter storms.

What's next? Naming tornados?

"if you are in the path of tornado 'Emily' please seek shelter immediately..." It's ludicrous.