Last year, we showed you how a group of artists transformed Manhattan Bridge into a dreamscape of light and shadow. Well, they're back, and this time they're using an abandoned neo-gothic church in Brooklyn as their canvas.


The technique is called projection mapping, and it offers an immersive experience for those watching — an effect that the artists used to full effect. The installation, called "Simulacra", is described by the artists:

The content questions the rapid parade of simulations making up our post-modern human experience. Like a map with no territory, these simulations hint at the existence of a hyper-reality, while quite possibly the true essence of reality becomes increasingly hermetic, crumbling and decaying from disuse.

Now that the simulation proceeds the original, is the modern experience of beauty, divinity and love merely alienating us from the true essence of these experiences?


"Simulacra" was created by Ryan Uzilevsky and produced by Light Harvest Studio and Bobby Redd.

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