Watch the zombie apocalypse unfold in screengrabs from the Internet

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If you woke up tomorrow and the zombie apocalypse had begun, what would you see when you checked your computer? What about the next day, and the week after that? What would the news from CNN, Al-Jazeera, and the Wall Street Journal look like? What would the most popular downloads on the Pirate Bay be? And how long before we figure out that zombie can't survive a sword to the head?


For the last thirteen days, reddit user Vidzilla has been posting image compilations that look like screengrabs from familiar websites — Twitter, Flickr, MSNBC — except they show the slowly unfolding story of a global zombie pandemic. It's remarkable that Vidzilla can get so much across without any additional explanatory text. We get the response from various governments, how initial coverups and misunderstandings eventually shift to worldwide understanding, how opportunistic con men try to sell desperate people on cures for zombieism, the black humor that accompanies such a complete disaster. How many days will the Vidzilla apocalypse go on before there's no new news online?

[reddit via Nerdcore]

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Did anyone else find the mini ARG?

I found some clues mainly leading to additional images, but apart from watching them I don't know if they hide further clues.

Edit... at Day14 I found a ZIP containing a MPG movie, but I can't find the password.