Watch the world's longest domino chain made of books

To kick off its 2013 Summer Reading Program, the Seattle Public Library set a world record with a library-appropriate domino chain. Twenty-seven volunteers lined up 2,131 books and knocked them all down.


It took the volunteers seven hours and five failed attempts to create this record-setting chain. The books aren't part of the library's current collection; they were all either donated or retired, and are now being sold as a library fundraiser. We are assured that "No books were harmed during the filming of this video."

Longest Book Domino Chain: Seattle breaks Guinness world record [World Record Academy via MetaFilter]

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Started as a Cleric and Ended up an Innkeeper

Maybe it's the time I have spent working in a university library, but I can only think of the horror of placing all of those books back on the shelves.