io9 contributor Chris Braak will be staging the world premiere of his alternate history play, Empress of the Moon, next week. And you can watch the livestream here on io9!

Here's the official description of the play:

A new play by Chris Braak (author of The Life of John Henry), Empress of the Moon is a grossly historically-inaccurate portrayal of Aphra Behn, the first woman to make her living as a professional writer, and before that, as a spy for the British crown. It features SWORDFIGHTS and DISGUISES, and explores the mutable nature of identity and what we use to create our own histories.


Swordfights, alternate history, and adventurous women? I think you can see why we signed up for this.

So tune into io9 next Friday, between 8-10 PM EST, to catch the livestream of Braak's play, coming straight from his Droid phone at the Iron Age Theater, to your scorched retinas.


Of course if you are near Philadelphia, I recommend buying tickets (it's playing for a few weeks) so you can get that full, wraparound meatspace experience.

Find out more about the play here, and read more about why livestreaming a theatrical production is changing the future of everything.