Watch the work-safe trailer for that Game of Thrones porn spoof!

Recently, we brought you the first pictures of Game of Bones, the X-rated spoof of Game of Thrones from Lee Roy Myers and Now the first five episodes of Bones are online, and we're bringing you the exclusive work-safe trailer. Including Female Joffrey!


Warning: Video contains no nudity, except for a tiny bit of blurred out White Walker skin — but there is some naughty language that may not be SFW.


Among other things, in this trailer you will glimpse:

  • Podrick being a sex demon
  • The super-cheap version of Daenerys' dragons
  • A sexy White Walker
  • Tyrion and Varys
  • The aforementioned Joffrey
  • And a truly terrible joke about the Red Wedding

Watch the first five episodes over at WoodRocket. If you dare!

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Yeah.... I guess this might be SFW if you work at gawker HQ, but a video where someone says "You have a cock the size of a dragon's tooth and the way you use it makes whores work for free"? That's not exactly what I would call 'Safe for Work'.

I guess it's SFW if you have sound muted, but that wasn't the impression I got from the headline - and there was no warning in the article.

(for the record, I don't have any objection to io9 posting this or less SFW things, just would like some warning so I know whether it's safe to sneak a peek at io9 on my breaks during the day or whether I need to wait until I am home)