Watch The Wonderfully Odd Trailer For Post-Apocalyptic Romance Crumbs

Here's hoping Crumbs, a scifi romance shot in an Ethiopian ghost town by Spanish writer-director Miguel Llanso, gets wider exposure after its Rotterdam Film Festival debut last week. Check out the trailer; there's a UFO, a haunted bowling alley, a crazy Santa Claus, and space junk. For starters.

The Hollywood Reporter review gave Crumbs some love, calling it "an outlandish and imaginative sci-fi miniature-employing film from Ethiopia whose $225,000 budget probably matches Jupiter Ascending's prosthetic-ear bill." Color us intrigued.

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Scott Mawhiney

Better to have a tiny budget and fulfill your dreams, than have a gigantic budget and fulfill no ones. It's an interesting enough trailer that I'd like to see it - count me in.