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Watch The Videos That Explain The Direction Of Lost Season Six

Illustration for article titled Watch The Videos That Explain The Direction Of Lost Season Six

A new Lost poster shows almost all the stars who've appeared since season one. In the center is Locke... with his back to the camera. But the videos shown at Comic Con offer the biggest season-six hints. Watch for yourself.


So here are some of the videos which showed at the Comic Con panel the other day. People are noticing there's a theme to these videos, of alternate history. The past is being rewritten. Like Michael Emerson auditioned for the part of Hurley:

And Kate killed her stepdad's apprentice, not her stepdad himself:

Hurley got back from Australia in one piece:

And Oceanic Airlines has never had a crash:

So tons of people are drawing the obvious conclusion from these videos: the new season will explore an alternate timeline that Jack created with that hydrogen bomb. Either that, or the producers are just yanking our chains. What do you think?

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Mitchell's interviews from the Con make it sound like the producers weren't planning on having Juliet come back at all in season six, but the fan response to "LaFleur," the episode where Sawyer and Juliet started having their relationship, was better than expected. So now there's a development that she can't talk about.


Lost poster image from SL-Lost.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I realize that this post plays right into their hands but...

If Elizabeth Mitchell was definitely not going to be in season 6 but " there's a development that she can't talk about." What could it possibly be except that she will be in season 6?