Watch the unbelievable first 6 minutes of Evangelion 3.0, starring Space Pirate Asuka

I personally prefer the original Evangelion TV series, warts and all, over the old Eva movies or even the new movie series. But I'll tell you one thing the new movies have that the original TV series doesn't: Pirate Asuka fighting an Angel in space. You can watch the first six-plus minutes of Gainax's newest installment of their Evangelion retelling above; the first minute is kind of a bust, but after that... ye gods, is this movie pretty. Hopefully it won't be too long before Funimation is allowed to license it for North American audiences.


Oh, a warning: The dialogue is all in Japanese and there are no subtitles. However, I imagine any Eva fan will be able to glean the meaning when Asuka screams "Baka Shinji!" near the end.

[Via ToysREvil]

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The more I see of 3.0 the more the theory is panning out that these Rebuild films are actually not reboots....but a continuation of the stories...AKA Shinji rejected Human Instrumentality at the END OF EVA (or the TV show if you prefer), and the REBUILD films actually jump time back to give him and everyone else another crack at the same events. AKA the LCL lake reverts everyone to their forms prior to all the strife, but still post 2nd Impact. Which explains Mari's existence...Asuka's different name and different character progression. enough is different while still being the's a different strand of the same timeline.

I adore that theory...this is Shinji and Co.'s Groundhog Day Redo.

If that turns out to be true, Eva will once again melt my brain with excellence and forethought.