Watch the Trippy Music Video for The Midnight Gospel's Gorgeous Song 'Dreams Wash Away'

From The Midnight Gospel.
From The Midnight Gospel.
Image: Netflix

Pendleton Ward’s The Midnight Gospel is beguiling, strange, and atmospheric. It’s also got some killer music.

That music comes from composer and musician Joe Wong, who really knocks it out of the cosmos with all of his work, but particularly the song that plays during the show’s last episode, “Dreams Wash Away.” Now, Netflix has released a music video for the beautiful, melancholy song. Perfect listening for drifting through the multiverse.

Pendleton Ward’s post-Adventure Time experiment is a fascinating show in its own right, and though I haven’t watched the whole thing there’s clearly a lot here to enjoy. This music video is a nice taste if you haven’t seen it, yet. It doesn’t reveal anything, but it offers mood and presence, which, with such a lushly animated and crafted work, is a major part of the package.


The Midnight Gospel is streaming now on Netflix, and is well worth checking out.

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Fabian Knockwurst

I just wish it were all that “trippy music” and not the continuous talking over one another new age pseudo psycho-religion stuff. Yes, i realize that’s the “gospel” part, but it’s actually a relief when one of the characters stops talking long enough to interact with some of the amazing acid fueled stuff happening. (“ey! you just need to relax and co-habitate with your non-self’s karmic image!”)