Watch the Trailer for The Twilight Zone’s Season Finale, Featuring the Blurryman

Illustration for article titled Watch the Trailer for iThe Twilight Zone/i’s Season Finale, Featuring the Blurryman

Admittedly, not quite as threatening as the Invisible Man.

The first season of The Twilight Zone revival produced by Jordan Peele is well on its way to wrapping up, and it’s saved a good one for last: a story of a struggling writer and a dangerous man no one can see, starring Seth Rogen, Zazie Beetz, and Betty Gabriel. In this short trailer, both Beetz and Rogen seem to inhabit their roles well, and Simon Kinberg’s direction looks pretty sharp.

This season has been controversial, with a lot of people not sure if it lived up to its pedigree. I’ve yet to watch it all, due to, uh, not having CBS All Access, but those of you who have checked it out: what do you think? Are you excited for this final episode? Want a season two? Sound off, dear readers.

This last episode will stream on May 30th.

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I haven’t watched it either due to not having CBS All Access (and when it tried to get it on my Amazon Prime account, both the Twilight Zone episodes and the Star Trek: Discovery episodes were listed as “unavailable” for some goddamn reason), but the original Twilight Zone had plenty of clunkers in it, too. Sure, it had tons of great episodes, but nostalgia has probably blurred our minds of some of the bad ones.