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The sharks are back. And this time, they’re as smart as they were last time.

Deep Blue Sea, a 1999 horror film about superintelligent killer sharks, is remembered for one thing: Samuel L. Jackson getting straight wrecked by a shark. Now, from the people that brought you Sharknado, Sharknado 2, and Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness, it’s getting a sequel.


Produced as a Syfy original movie, this direct-to-DVD sequel is being directed by Darin Scott, a director known for schlocky horror and, uh, several episodes of the late-night softcore anthology series Femme Fatales.

Does this sequel feature any of the original cast? Oh, heck no. Does it feature angry genius sharks, hungry for the flesh of man? You bet it does.

Check out the trailer below, courtesy of IGN. And for the record, no, I didn’t make up that last Sharknado movie title. It was a mockumentary.

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