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Watch the Trailer for Siempre Bruja, a Netflix Show About a Witch Outside of Time

Angely Gaviria as Carmen.
Angely Gaviria as Carmen.
Image: Netflix
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Adjusting to modern life is tricky, especially if you’re a witch from the 17th century.


Siempre Bruja, a Netflix Original Series, follows Carmen (Angely Gaviria), an Afro-Colombian witch that got unstuck from time when she was about to be burned at the stake. Now stuck in the modern day, she has to learn how to navigate magic and modernity. Based on a book, it looks sharp, and might be a compelling watch for viewers disappointed about the way Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has treated its women of color.

Siempre Bruja premieres on February 1st.

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So a witch out of water, you say?

Been binging time traveling sci-fi and adventures of late. (Probably to escape this modern world)