Watch The Trailer For J.J. Abrams' Mysterious New Movie

No, it's not a prequel to Cloverfield, as many suspected. The trailer for Super 8, which premiered before Iron Man 2, is a wholly original Steven Spielberg-J.J. Abrams collaboration. Here's the new trailer. Warning: spoilers below.

We've been DYING for an intelligent Area 51 movie, and who better to work on on an alien picture other than genre overlords Spielberg and Abrams? Very little is shown, but clearly there's something be transported in an Air Force train cargo storage unit. And it seems like the entity trying to punch its way out is from Area 51. And it has friends, or why else would the truck try and derail the train — or else maybe the alien can move vehicles with its mind? Or maybe the truck was trying to kill it? We don't know, but we're excited!


Also clearly, Super 8 stands for the camera in the end....or does it????

Here's the official Super 8 website.



Uhhh... ahhh.... mysterious... can't wait until I.... yawn!

I mean, come on - that's the same enforced sense of suspense we ALWAYS get from JJ, that NEVER held up to it's promises.

And - Area 51??? Seriously??? Can you get any more unimaginative?