Watch The Trailer For FredHeads, A Documentary Look at the Eclectic Freddy Krueger Fandom

Image: YouTube/Northgate Pictures

Among nerd culture, horror fandoms tend to be some of the most distinctive. It takes a special person, after all, to be that into something meant to disturb and unsettle. To treat the terrible as an old friend requires a special sort of person.

In her upcoming documentary, horror filmmaker Paige Troxell looks to offer a deeper view of one of those fandoms, the so-called FredHeads who are really, really into Nightmare On Elm Street. To create the film, Troxell and her crew have been travelling the country, interviewing fans and members of the film’s long stable of actors and creators, and just generally chronicling the scene and what it means to people.


I really enjoy glimpses like this into worlds of passion that I don’t understand myself, and FredHeads looks to be shining light on one of the stranger and more interesting fandoms out there. You can check out the trailer below. There’s also an Indiegogo running right now to help with the film’s production, if you’re interested.


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