Back in April, we told you that Troma Productions was planning a new musical adaptation of its campy cult classic The Toxic Avenger. This month, audiences in New Jersey can watch Melvin Ferd the Third fight the forces of evil with the help of his superstrength and a four-piece rock band. Not sure if it’s worth schlepping to New Jersey to watch the green man sing? We’ve found five clips that give you a taste of the musical mutant love.This is actually the third musical version of The Toxic Avenger, but this one comes with the pedigree of Tony award-winning director John Rando (Urinetown), Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan, and playwright Joe DiPietro. A member of the audience took footage of last Thursday’s performance, highlighting a few of the show’s musical numbers: Bitch, Slut, Liar, Whore

Hot Toxic Love (Reprise)

Kill the Freak

Kick Your Ass

It’s a Brand New Day In New Jersey

The Toxic Avenger Musical is playing through November 2nd at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey. [The Toxic Avenger Musical]