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Watch the Team Behind Kaptara Create the World's Silliest Villains

The fifth issue of Kaptara, one of our favorite sci-fi comic books of the year, is out this week, and within it is a spectacular array of villains under Villektra’s command. But that horde of evil had to come from somewhere—and we’ve got an exclusive video of Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod’s process behind creating the ensemble.


The full clip sees Zdarsky and McLeod sketch out an army of some of the most loony-looking sci-fi villains you’ve ever seen in the Image series, in a loving homage to the wild foes of He-Man. There’s Thornicus, a man covered in thorns (making him far more threatening than Moss Man); Mr. Kisses, a man with lips for hands; and El Viral—a villainess who can infect you with a nasty illness... in about a week or so. And many, many more!

This brand of goofballery is pretty much pitch-perfect for Kaptara as a whole, so if you love the absurdity on display here, the book itself is a good recommendation. Plus, it’s great to see the series’ creative team brainstorm ideas for the book and have a ton of fun in the process! You can see why Kaptara has such a zany and enjoyable tone with these two at the helm.

Illustration for article titled Watch the Team Behind iKaptara/i Create the Worlds Silliest Villains

Kaptara #5 will be out this Wednesday, November 25th—and if you want to catch up, the trade paperback of all five issues so far will be out on December 23rd.

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My favorite scene of the series so far. Love the sound effects.