Watch the surviving clips of the BBC's Caves of Steel

Long before Almost Human, Isaac Asimov wrote the classic tale of a human detective paired with a robot partner, The Caves of Steel. And this novel was adapted by the BBC as a TV special, part of its Story Parade anthology series. And then wiped. Of course.

Because the BBC wiped so much of its classic television programmes, along with episodes of Doctor Who. Luckily, there are a few short surviving clips from the BBC's Caves of Steel, and you can watch them above. Mostly, they are just soundless glimpses of the costumes and sets, which look very, very similar to early Doctor Who. In fact, the BBC version was written by Dalek creator Terry Nation and broadcast in June 1964, less than a year after Doctor Who debuted. Not only that, but human detective Elijah Baley is played by Peter Cushing, who would play the Doctor in two feature films.

Now if only someone would dig up a copy of this complete serial. Sigh, BBC. [Terra Cognition]

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It should have been you, Holmes and Yo Yo, that got erased. It should have been YOU!