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Watch the storyboards for the Stretch Armstrong Movie that Never Was

Remember when Stretch Armstrong was supposed to be a live action feature film starring Twilight werewolf Taylor Lautner? But then Lautner's spy movie tanked, as did the other toy-to-film production (Battleship). Now all we have left of Armstrong, the toy movie that never was, is this animatic storyboard.


Thanks to the keen eye over at FilmSketchr we have the an animatic created by storyboard illustrator Collin Grant and Animatic creator Jim Rothwell. Note: This video isn't officially confirmed by any studio, but it does appear on Rothwell's youtube page (and seems to be very similar to his amazing past work) so we're leaning towards a "Yes," that this could be what the Stretch Armstrong movie was being pitched with.

And it's actually kind of great, right? I mean they SHOOT Armstrong in the chest, right away! We would have killed to see an actual human person gliding around town with stretched out arms and legs (maybe not Lautner but you know someone).


As of right now Relativity Media owns the movie rights to the Stretch toy, but we haven't heard a blip on their plans for a 2014 release in months. And with the artists unloading their work on the masses, it's a pretty clear sign that this movie is dead.

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Why can't we have a plastic man movie? criminal turned superhero