Watch The Simpsons' Oscar-Nominated, Hans Zimmer scored short film

Check out the The Simpson's dialogue-free, short film "The Longest Day Care." It's a sequel to Maggie's previous plot line in "A Streetcar Named Marge." Watch as Maggie takes on the nefarious Baby Gerald, while learning a little something about developmental biology. This Oscar-nominated short is long on talent, James L. Brooks produced and Hans Zimmer and Jim Dooley are responsible for the music (which is fantastic with lots of great little classic nods).


If you're wondering why the lice jump out at you it's because this originally aired before Ice Age: Continental Drift... in 3D.

[via Hulu]


Nicely done, though nothing amazing. What bugs me the most about Maggie and the series is that she never ages. Character wise, she ought to be 25 years of age by now. Same goes for Bart and Lisa. It would be nice to see the characters grow up instead of continually staying the same.