Watch the short that inspired Neill Blomkamp's next movie Chappie

We don't know a lot about Neill Blomkamp's next picture Chappie. But we do know that it's a comedy, that will feature the zef style duo Die Antwoord, and it's centered around a "ridiculous" robot. Luckily, Blomkamp has dropped another clue to his next picture: the short film that inspired it all, Tetra Vaal.

Blomkamp shot Tetra Vaal (shown above) even before his infinitely more popular short Alive in Joburg (which went on to inspire District 9). According to Den of Geek, which recently had a short interview with Blomkamp, Chappie is "basically based on Tetra Vaal." So sit back, relax, and get a good look at the short that inspired Blomkamp's next movie.

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So Chappie was inspired by Tetra Vaal, and was Tetra Vaal inspired by Appleseed? You know, the "ridiculous" Robo cop rabbit and all....