We've seen J.J. Abrams' mysterious midnight monster train explode from multiple angles. But what about from inside the train? Hidden in Portal 2's video game extras is some CG footage from inside the monster's train ride. Watch it now.


Clever move Paramount hiding Super 8 material in the hotly anticipated Portal 2 game. But what does it all mean? What we do know is that the crash site that appears in this video is very similar to what we saw in the 20 minutes of Super 8 footage screened in NY a few weeks ago. But as far as inside the train — that's all new to us. No doubt the numbers on the files will unlock a code which gives you the secret location to the Super 8 popsicle stand, because nothing says 1970s-Americana-Goonies-town like a Firecracker Pop.


If you figure out where J.J. Abrams' mysterious viral-marketing rabbit hole leads to, please let us know. We'll be at the ice cream truck.

Thanks for the tip Shea and David.

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