Watch The Real Transformers Before Fallen Opens

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Never mind the Michael Bay-created monstrosities on the big screen: the real Transformers are making a comeback on June 16th. That's the date when a new deluxe DVD set of the original cartoon is released.


The original Transformers will be getting the high-end boxset treatment from Shout! Factory, as part of a new deal with Hasbro that will also see the company release DVDs of the 1980s GI Joe (and, less science fictional, the My Little Pony animated movie). Shout!'s President Garson Foos explained why this is good news for more than just me:

We've wanted this for years... These are all iconic pop-culture brands. I think one of the things that attracted Hasbro to us was they knew we could move fast on these DVDs, but not sacrifice quality.


They're also not sacrificing extras, if what you get as bonuses on the first Transformers set is anything to go by. Along with the first season of the show, you'll also get commercials for the toys, scripts, concept art and - and this is what excites me, having never seen them - Transformers Public Safety Announcements from the period. Transform and roll out, Autobots - But don't run anyone over.

Transformers: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition is released June 16th, a week before Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen hits theaters.

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None of that "Duke's in a coma!" nonsense either. Old Orion Pax was kilt ded. True, they brought him back in the series, but he Came Back Wrong (type 2) and it took another heroic self-sacrifice to get THAT straightened out.

And the following episode where the humans pulled him out of the spaceship and repaired him so he could defeat the Hate Plague? Two words for you: Jacob's Ladder.

Kids, just say no to cybernecromancy.