Watch the original trailer that introduced Star Wars to the world

Imagine that it's 1976, you know nothing of the Star Wars universe, and this trailer graces the screen, giving you your very first look at that galaxy far, far away.


Disney and Lucasfilm rereleased the original Star Wars teaser trailer this week, bringing us back to a time when the entire idea of Star Wars was new. It's also a surprisingly creepy teaser, aided by the menacing voiceover.

[via Comic Book Movie]


As someone who actually saw this trailer back in the day, I'll say that it was extremely effective and got a *lot* of people into theaters. What people don't fully get (or remember) is the degree to which "Star Wars" had, at the time, an enormous amount of "edgy" pizzazz. For example, the menace of the Imperial Star Destroyer engulfing the Rebel ship at the opening was palpable, and the whole film was, for the time, a total sensory blowout. If I saw a trailer today for a film that promised anything like that edge in the way that this trailer did at the time, I would *totally* head for the theaters.