Watch the Nostromo from Alien get rebuilt after decades of neglect

After sitting outside for 20 years, the spaceship model of the Nostromo from Alien was in rough shape. Hell, an entire possum skeleton was discovered in its interior (and no, the possum wasn't the victim of a chestburster*).

Back in 2009, the modelmakers at The Prop Store Of London restored the old bird to her former glory. You can watch the fruits of their labors in a four-part series here, here, and here. They do a pretty snazzy job reassembling a ship whose parts exploded fore and aft around the cold vacuum of space.


*As a side note, Alien would be over extremely fast if the facehugger latched on to a possum. Whenever the xenomorph was startled, it would just play dead.

Hat tip to Lightninglouie!

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cinematographic history aside, i find it quite ridiculous to talk about "restoration" of a 20 year old movie prop like it is an ancient Greek statue or minimum a '69 Camaro. Especially when the main purpose is to sell it to some geek latter on. i checked out their website and they are really serious with their pricing, i saw a sketch of R2-D2 going for $2500