Watch the same footage of the rebooted ThunderCats series that was screened at WonderCon today. Cartoon Network has certainly given these space kitties a brand new set of claws. Let's all say it together: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Ho!


Before this footage was screened, we were lucky enough to get a few minutes with the show's new creators art director and producers. We'll have the full detailed recap later this week (with lots of ThunderCats mythos scoop), but here are a few details we picked up. For one, the series is going to try and explain why the evil wizard Mumm-Ra doesn't just stay in his hulked out form all of the time (finally)! Also we're going to get a lot of backstory fleshed about each character. But finally, and probably most important thing we learned: Lion-O will no longer be a boy in a man's body. He's just going to be a young leader, not ready for the responsibilities that he's handed. Should be interesting.

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