Watch the new Atomic Robo animated trailer (and help fund the film)

Atomic Robo, the wisecracking robot adventurer invented by Nikola Tesla, is about to make the leap from comics to animation in his first short film. The first trailer for the unfinished project is online, and you can help the animators finish their film.

Animation studio the Fictory approached Robo comic creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener about creating a short film in which Atomic Robo battles his nemesis, the Nazi-brain-in-a-mecha-body Helsingard. The project has been waylaid due to the animators having actual paying gigs to work on, but now the studio is looking to complete the film, titled Atomic Robo: Last Stop.

They've already blown their initial $12,000 Kickstarter goal out of the water, but if you want to support the independent animation of an independent comic (and maybe get a cool t-shirt in the process), you still have plenty of time to donate.


I'm just disappointed that we don't get to hear Robo speak in the trailer, since witty dialogue is a hallmark of the comics. Well, it's something to look forward to in the final film.

Atomic Robo: Last Stop [Kickstarter]

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Personally I'd rather have some sword chucks. But this looks awesome and if I had spare cash I'd help out. I think the hours reading 8-bit theater should be repaid somehow.