Watch the neck-snapping trailer for Hanna: deadly teenage assassin

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The latest film from Joe Wright (Pride & Prejudice) ditches the English landscape for hand-to-teen combat, snapped necks and mysterious-assassin origin stories. Watch Saoirse Ronan murder a crop of thugs with her bare hands, in the first trailer for Hanna.


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'focus' Theatrical Trailer @ Yahoo! Video

We're exceptionally excited about Wright's next project, since we love his past films Atonement and P&P, plus Hanna's cast, which includes Ronan along with Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. The premise for this movie is seemingly simple: a teenage assassin trained by her crazed father (Bana) strikes out against those that would do her harm. But, from the looks of the trailer, there's so much more hidden beneath the surface. Especially this strange question about her "humanity" that is seemingly raised below in the official synopsis:

Hanna (Ronan) is a teenage girl. Uniquely, she has the strength, the stamina, and the smarts of a solider; these come from being raised by her father (Mr. Bana), an ex-CIA man, in the wilds of Sweden. Living a life unlike any other teenager, her upbringing and training have been one and the same, all geared to making her the perfect assassin. The turning point in her adolescence is a sharp one; sent into the world by her father on a mission, Hanna journeys stealthily across Europe while eluding agents dispatched after her by a ruthless intelligence operative with secrets of her own (Ms. Blanchett). As she nears her ultimate target, Hanna faces startling revelations about her existence and unexpected questions about her humanity.


We'll be following future Hanna developments with a trained eye, until its release on April 8th 2011.

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Don't get me wrong, this looks great, really very great, but THEY SPELLED HER NAME WRONG!!

I'm sorry, that is just not an acceptable spelling. Period.