Watch the Musical New Teaser for Pixar's Soul

Joe and his son in Soul.
Joe and his son in Soul.
Image: Disney/Pixar
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Art, music, the joys of sound and expression. These things are a meaningful part of what makes being human wonderful. That joy seems to be key to what makes Soul, Pixar’s latest, tick.


In its newest teaser, we find its star, Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) reflecting on finding passion and joy in life, closely tied up with his passion for jazz music and the joy of music, art, and performance altogether. It’s lovely, warm, and full of joy, set to an original song, “Parting Ways,” by Cody ChesnuTT.

It’s a sweet teaser, though it belies how fantastical the film’s premise is. It involves Joe going on a journey from his home in New York to a place called The Great Beyond, a world where souls get imbued with personality before they embark on their journey to Earth. There, he gets paired with a new soul named 22 (Tina Fey), and has to teach her what it means to be human as he tries to get back to his normal world and a once-in-a-lifetime gig. It sounds... strange, to be real, but there’s clearly a lot of beauty and love here. The film is directed by Peter Doctor, who wrote Inside Out and Up.

Soul is slated for November 20th, but, as with all theatrical releases, that’s not a certainty.

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While I’m glad to see more Disney movies with black main characters, I’m worried they’ll do what they did for Princess and the Frog, where the main character is more a FROG in the film than an actual black woman. So was the main male character, more a FROG than a black man. And the only remaining black main character was the villain. So it comes across as a FROG movie, not a movie about black experiences.

So PLEEEAAAASE let most of the film show the black main character actually AS a black man, and not just a soul. Otherwise, it just comes across as racial erasure.