The TV show Oddities focuses on a shop devoted to odd objects, and at New YOrk Comic Con we saw a scene that was so gruesome, they couldn't include it in the episode. Which interaction was so disturbing it had to be axed from a show that celebrates the bizarre?

Warning: Clip is safe for work, but maybe not for eyes.

The footage, which will never make it to air, was shown as a special treat for fans at the SCIENCE Channel's NYCC panel (Oddities is shown on both the Discovery Channel and SCIENCE, its sister network).


We also learned few fun tidbits from the main Oddities castmembers, Obscura shop owners Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson and buyer Ryan Matthew:

The most-bought items in the store are hoodwinks (Masonic "initiation goggles"), varied taxidermy and human teeth.


Of all the strange, wonderful, and downright creepy objects offered to the shop, what was unequivocally turned down? We heard that a mummified corndog from a 1982 Van Halen concert took the cake — especially as the seller wanted thousands of dollars for that piece of rock 'n' roll history.

Michelson added that the only offered "collectible" that truly unsettled her was what the seller insisted was a "mummified head from a hospital in Egypt." She was at the shop late at night when the man came in with his bundle, and when unwrapped, she saw that the head was old but not mummified, with strips of skin still clinging, did not appear to be of Egyptian descent, and a strong metallic scent filled the shop that gave the staff intense headaches. Needless to say, the nightmarish head was not purchased, and its origins remain a mystery.