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Watch the mesmerizing dance of the kinetic spider robot in this striking short film

We love watching Theo Jansen's kinetic sculpture strandbeests walk about in real life, and it's not hard to imagine them as real, sentient creatures. David Lance agrees, bringing Jansen-like robots to CG life in his beautiful short film The Future Forms of Life, in which prancing robots promenade through a city, and occasionally run amok.


What Lance's film hits home is how animalistic Jansen's sculptures are. The first sequence resembles a marching antelope, while the later one calls to mind the mating rituals of certain species of spider, only to go bat-like in the end. Lance makes the power of these machines slightly chilling, but undeniably lovely to watch.

[via Kuriositas]

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Well, he sure did ladle a bunch of stuff on top of something that was already beautiful.