Watch the lights go out on Planet Earth, in a chilling new Falling Skies promo

Steven Spielberg's newest aliens are here... and they don't just want to phone home. This trailer for Spielberg's TNT show Falling Skies shows how the invasion begins, and makes it clear just how helpless we are.


Plus it gives a way better look at those armored alien marauders on a rampage — and gives a better sense of just what they want from us. Falling Skies launches this June.

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I'm only going to say this once.

Unless this show is consistently about the ongoing war to take back Earth, I'm not watching.

I'm not particularly interested in the day to day struggle of humans living under alien oppression.

I don't care to watch mankind retain its dignity while being exterminated.

Either they give me humanity reclaiming its home world or I'm curling up with my Firefly boxed set.

I'm done with the static drama format. The eighties ended for a REASON.