Watch the latest installment in The Feynman Series, featuring Joan Feynman

If you're not already familiar with the Sagan Series, drop what you're doing and watch them at once, starting with this rousing first installment (warning, this will give you chills and/or make you cry).

Once you've finished with The Sagan Series, your next move should be to check out The Feynman Series, which creator Reid Gower started producing late last year as a supplement to the original. Featured up top is the latest installment in The Feynman Series, posted by Gower just a few hours ago.

Like the rest of the videos in the series, it features moving quotes as told by physicist Richard Feynman, alongside some stunning images of our planet and the Universe; but what makes this installment particularly noteworthy is its inclusion of the lesser-known Joan Feynman — acclaimed astrophysicist and sister to Richard Feynman. [The Feynman Series]

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