Just in case you've forgotten, ABC's Pushing Daisies returns tonight for the first of its final three episodes. But in case you're not ready to say goodbye to Ned, Chuck, Olive and Emerson Cod, creator Bryan Fuller is teasing more about what to expect in the comic book spin-off.

Talking to SciFi Wire, Fuller explained,

The unfortunate thing about how we were breaking the [TV show's second] season was that we were taking a break from the Chuck and Ned central story line for three episodes to tell an Olive story, to tell an Emerson story, to tell a Lily/Vivian story [a]nd then with episode 14, open back up the whole thing with Chuck's father and Ned's father in a bigger way that was going to be our arc of the back nine of the season... but we ended up not getting a back nine. So, in an unfortunate way, those elements of Chuck's father and Ned's father and the pocket watches, that story is the story that's going to be continued in the comic book... We've arced [the series] out. The dangling threads from the series with Chuck's father and Ned's father and the pocket watches are all dealt with, not secondarily, but there's a whole new story that happens when there is a flash flood in the cemetery and all the bodies wash past Ned, and it's Ned versus a thousand corpses. That's the story of the comic book.


The Pushing Daisies comic, to be published by DC Comics through their Wildstorm imprint, is expected to appear before the end of the year; Pushing Daisies' final episodes begin tonight on ABC at 10pm.

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