Image: Fox

The Juggernaut. Real name, Cain Marko. Inveterate bruiser. Step-brother of Professor Xavier. Weird meme.

“I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!”es aside, Marko is an interesting character, one of the heaviest heavies in the whole Marvel Universe. There’s something fascinating about seeing heroes deal with a character like this, who seems, at times, to be less a villain than an absolute force of nature.


In this video, YouTuber Raccoon, whose work I’ve featured here before, collects clips from Marko’s entire film and TV career, from 1981's Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends to 2017's Ultimate Spider-Man. What’s especially neat about this supercut is the way Juggernaut’s characterization shifts and grows, from a silent threat to a dangerous but almost comedic figure.

What’s your favorite appearance of the Juggernaut? I’m always going to side with the ‘90s X-Men cartoon, but his turn in X-Men: The Last Stand was, if not good, at least unforgettable.

Watch below.