Watch the ISS spacewalk live for some respite from the manhunt madness

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This morning's manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers has left many of us glued to our screens. If you find yourself in need of a little mental/emotional/psychological vacation from it all, here's a live feed of this morning's spacewalk outside the ISS.


Broadcasting live with Ustream

More info, via NASA:

Expedition 35 flight engineers Pavel Vinogradov and Roman Romanenko of the Russian Federal Space Agency are working outside the International Space Station.

During the planned six-hour initiative, the spacewalkers will install the Obstanovka experiment on the station's Zvezda service module, retrieve the Biorisk experiment and replace a faulty retro-reflector device.

More details at NASA.


Why are people obsessing over the situation in Boston? Only a few people died. I mean that's horrible, but some people are acting like this stuff is devastating them. So shouldn't they be devastated every day? Cuz there are killings every day in the US that are reported and many that aren't. There are also often bombings in certain parts of the world, many times killing far more than a few people. So why aren't they obsessing over those things? Because they aren't American, so their lives are less valued?

The solution is to turn off the news people. Don't become obsessed with any of this stuff and certainly don't let it depress you. If you do that, then you should question why you aren't obsessed with this kind of stuff every day of your life and depressed every day of your life due to the killings all around the world. And then questioning that reasoning and the answer you may come up with (American lives are more valued) may depress you even more.

TL;DR F the media and sensationalism.