Watch The Ironettes Wiggle It In New Iron Man 2 Preview

This morning, Apple posted a two-minute clip of Tony Stark flying to the Stark Expo, crashing into fireworks, and smirking that trademark Stark smirk. Also witness Tony's back-up dancers shake it like some cybernetic Solid Gold Dancers.

It's basically an expanded clip of what we saw in the theatrical preview, only without Pepper Potts and Tony's Jerry Maguire quip. But oh, that Tony is ever the rake!


[via Apple]

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Too bad they had to muck up that scene with stupid ACDC music.

I think it would be even cooler if they would respect the laws of physics a little more. I wish people who make these films wouldn't defy the laws of gravity and force. It really detracts. He's a regular human. He would never be able to handle the g-forces and gravitational impact while using this suit. When he lands at a complete standstill in this scene, his body would be pulverized inside that iron suit. Thats what sets the recent Batman movies apart from all other superhero films. They don't take liberties like the other films do and it add to the richness of the film.

Still I can't wait to see it.