An image from the period sci-fi film The Vast of Night.
Photo: Slamdance
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Today, if I told you that someone in 1950s New Mexico saw mysterious lights in the sky, we’d have the same thought: aliens. The infamous 1947 Roswell incident and its cultural saturation in the decades since has made sure of that. But, if you were living it, would you know? What would you believe? That mystery and paranoia is at the heart of a buzzy new indie film called The Vast of Night.

Directed by Andrew Patterson, the film takes place over the course of one night in 1950s New Mexico. Most of the town is at a local basketball game when the local radio station begins to get reports of lights in the sky. Then its signal starts to broadcast weird sounds. What’s going on?


The film premiered at Slamdance, the smaller film festival currently happening in Park City, UT, and received some solid reviews. Intrigued, we did some digging, and found several trailers for the film. Check them out.

Bloody Disgusting even posted a clip.

At this point, we know as much about this movie as you do. But after reading the reviews and watching the clips, we can say that it looks gorgeous and has more than piqued our interest. We are looking forward to seeing it, whenever that becomes possible.


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