Watch the insane documentary for the bafflingly dangerous Action Park

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We've covered the deadliest water park in America before, highlighting the world's most dangerous water slide the Cannonball Loop. but now there's an entire documentary about Action Park and the many, many dangerous deeds that went on inside this New Jersey amusement park, and why it's so fantastic.


Mashable has created a two-part documentary about the The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever. And they are not wrong — at least 7 people died at Action Park, and countless others were injured, burned or almost drowned in the wave pool. In fact just about every adult I know who grew up in New Jersey has a "that time I almost drowned at Action Park" story, but they all still love this death trap for kiddies.

Watch part 2 over here.

[via Slashfilm]

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Looking at that picture of the slide, a part of me is thinking "no fucking way am I stupid enough to get on that" and another LOUDER part of me is thinking "oh yeah? challenge fucking accepted!"

The amazing thing is given that kind of thought going through my head, I've yet to ever actually be seriously injured with some of the monumentally stupid things I've done in life. I have some incredible luck too. Had a girlfriend accidentally back her car into me, she didn't notice the thump or me falling off her trunk and drove off. I've been nearly crushed between two 18-wheelers (don't ask). Accidentally set the wool (and highly flammable) shirt I was wearing on fire while proving a point once. Got electrocuted jumpstarting a car, couldn't move due to the current had a friend hit me with a 2x4 to get my hands to let go of the cables (they were hooked up right too, which was the insane part). Etc etc etc. I AM INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! [cackles maniacally]