Today is World Water Day, and filmmaker Chris Perry has released his short film The Incident at Tower 37 online. Watch an amphibious race square off against a hapless water plant employee.


Perry, who worked on such Pixar productions as Toy Story 2 and A Bug's Life, created this film independently with animators from Hampshire College. The idea for the short came to him in a dream several years ago, and he's since used the premise to raise awareness of World Water Day. In an interview with TakePart, Perry notes that The Incident at Tower 37 is highly allegorical:

The film tells the story of one person's transition from ignorance to awareness. Tragically, it happens too late to save them. But it shows we have the capacity to understand our broader impact on the world and, ultimately, do something about it. My personal hope is that we all recognize the ticking clock and act responsibly sooner rather than later.


Sleek stuff — it's giving me flashbacks to the time Alan Moore made Swamp Thing meet Pogo.

Hat tip to Benjamin!

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