Watch as Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan Tatum break the number one code of horror movies. Do not have sex in abandoned tuberculosis ward/insane asylum. Seriously, these two freaky kids are just asking to be impaled by haunted nuns โ€” they actually start getting down on the exam tables and playing with the creepy leftover doctors' tools.

For shame, beautiful youths! Has the Scream franchise taught you nothing?

Anyways the whole point of this tease is to hype up the new "bloody face" monster, and they say "Bloody Face" a lot, so mission accomplished? On the plus side, looks like FX is back to pushing their "you can't do that on TV" sex limits, which is always fun to watch. We're excited โ€” bring on the weird sex ghost stuff!


American Horror Story: Asylum returns October 17th.