Click to viewBe glad we never got to see Hiro's dad use his superpower on Heroes, if this deleted scene from the episode "Four Months Ago" is any guide. The Heroes season two DVD set doesn't come out until August 26 in the U.S., but it's already out in England. In addition to this deleted scene, it also includes the storyline we would have seen if the writers' strike hadn't shortened the awful season two. Be very, very afraid. Spoilers for stuff that didnt happen ahead.

George Takei started his career fighting Asian stereotypes in Hollywood — changing Sulu's drunken swordfighting on Star Trek from a Samurai riff to a fencing motif — so it would have been sad to see him end his career playing a guy who's "better than a computer." I hope this aspect of Kaito Nakamura is never mentioned in the actual TV show.


So here's the alternate ending to Volume Two of Heroes, which would have led into a thriling storyline about fighting the spread of the deadly Shanti virus. Given how many books and movies we're getting about quarantine situations right now (such as Blindness, Doomsday and Quarantine) it could have caught the wave early. But I have a feeling watching Odessa, Texas under siege could have gotten a bit old after a while. Like, a week or two.

Oh, and random question: have we seen Matt Parkman get a nosebleed from using his mental powers to "convince" people of stuff before? Max Lord (from Justice League International) should sue, if Wonder Woman hadn't ripped his head off.


And here's a second deleted scene from the episode "Four Months Ago," showing more of how Nathan lost his family.

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