Watch the First Two Installments of Haphead, a VR Gamer Dystopia

For the first time ever, io9 has teamed up with indie filmmakers to bring you a science fiction web series. Created by Jim Munroe (Ghosts with Shit Jobs, Infest Wisely), Haphead is the tale of a gamer who is willing to do anything to get her hands on a new "haptic" VR system for games.

Set in the near future, Haphead is about Maxine, a gamer in Toronto who wants nothing more than to test the ultimate game system. So she takes a job as a factory worker in a special economic zone (these actually exist in the world right now), where the game company is allowed to pay workers less than minimum wage and dodge local environmental laws. She figures she'll get inside, steal a controller, and play all the games she can't get in Canada. But her father is an old anarchist punk, who keeps giving her grief because she won't fight the man. He sees her as a wage slave and a sellout.

But Maxine doesn't really care about politics. She just wants to play fighting games with the new VR interface she stole from the factory floor. Each time she plays, her body learns the moves she makes in the game — that's the haptic part. She's becoming a ninja, just from gaming ... and that's a skill that's going to come in handy, when the shit starts to hit the fan.


Each week we'll be posting a new installment in Haphead. This week, you get lucky! We've got the first two installments for you. Find out more about this series on the official Haphead website.

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Annalee,please come back. Charlie has us playing pattycake at recess. Pattycake! (sobs) :D

But seriously, the production value of this is pretty good. The story has a certain George A. Effinger tone to it.