Watch the first trailer for James Cameron's global warming documentary

The Avatar-director has teamed up with producer Jerry Weintraub and a cadre of celebrity correspondents to create Years of Living Dangerously – an eight-part documentary series on the human impact of global warming, to air on Showtime in 2014.

"Everybody thinks that this is about melting glaciers and polar bears," says Cameron about half-way through the just-released trailer. "I think it's a big mistake. This is 100-percent a people story."

Joining Cameron in the telling of that story is Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba, Matt Damon, Olivia Munn, Michael C. Hall, Mark Bittman, Arnold Schwarzennegar and more! Which – hey, if it takes a bunch of celebrities in helicopters and an incredulous Lesley Stall asking "this is a lake??" to make television viewers care about climate change, consider us onboard.


Years of Living Dangerously will premiere April of next year and run for 8 episodes.


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Denver is too damn high

I suspect his cast of Hollywood stars will be used by the right to overshadow the real story. Make scientists the stars. Get the people who know what they are talking about and have a right to make their arguments a voice. Big names with an opinion will just get twisted into the theme and cloud the water.

Too late anyway.. if you have children, tell them I'm sorry.