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Watch the first trailer for Disney's video game movie, Wreck-It Ralph

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Behold a BAD ANON meeting, a support group for the villains of the video game world in Wreck-It Ralph. Also in the meeting are Bowser, Zangief from Street Fighter, and Clyde, the ghost from Pac-Man. In the flick, Ralph — a reformed video game baddie — looks for redemption inside other video games.


This means lots of fish-out-of 8-bit-water gags. We're actually pretty floored at how disarmingly adorable this trailer is, and it's no real surprise that John C. Reilly (who voices Ralph) is hilarious.

Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters on November 2, 2012.

[Via MSN]

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James Whitbrook

It looks interesting... man, I'm more impressed at the companies they got for what looks like very short, throwaway gags. Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Warner Bros., Namco... that's kind of amazing. I mean, what the hell, Kano is in that meeting as a sight gag! Kano!! Who in the target audience for this film is going to know who Kano is!? That's insane!

Looking forward to see more from it.