Brie Larson after winning the Oscar for Best Actress in Room. Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Earlier this week, fans had the experience of first hearing Oscar-winner Brie Larson was likely to play Captain Marvel. But what was Larson’s experience first hearing about the character? Turns out, it’s already online.

Back in 2015, while doing press for Room, MTV asked Larson if she’d heard that fans wanted her to play Captain Marvel. Not only had she not heard, she didn’t know anything about the character. Since we now know she’s likely to play the role, this interview gets a whole new layer of significance.


Brie Larson Doesn’t Know Who Captain Marvel Is & Its Adorable

The best part about this isn’t Larson’s unfamiliarity with the character. It’s that you can almost see the wheel turning that “Yeah, that would be awesome, no matter who the character is.”


Marvel has yet to make an official casting announcement about Larson but reports are she’s not only the front runner. She’s interested in the role and likely to do it.

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