Watch the first teaser trailer for The Hunger Games

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Watch the first ever footage from the Hunger Games movie adaptation right now. A teaser trailer for the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins' insanely popular novels was released at the MTV Music Awards tonight, and here it is. Update: Now in HD.

Spoilers ahead...

If you've read the novels, you can tell that this is a fairly important scene inside the arena where the powers that be decide to corral the tributes (child sacrifices forced to fight to the death for the rest of the world's entertainment) into one area. In this case, they use fire to herd everybody together. And as you can see main character Katniss Everdeen is having a bit of trouble with it. Let's hope they work on the artificial CG fire a bit more in post.


As first glimpses go, this is kind of meh — but to be fair, it's only a teaser trailer. And if you keep listening you can hear a whistle at the very end of the video. Is this the mockingjay song? We certainly hope so. Hunger Games will be in theaters March 23rd, 2012.

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Purple Dave

Is "insanely popular" significantly different from "widely popular"? Because this is the only place I've ever heard word one about either the movie or the books, the latter of which I've never even seen a single copy in stores. In fact, the first word I heard of on the books was that the movie was due out next year. No judgement on the quality of the books themselves, but this sounds an awful lot like Firefly, which has a tiny but very passionate fanbase. It sounds like it might be an interesting movie, but I highly doubt it will be a blockbuster. Still, at least it won't have the disadvantage that Serenity did where anyone who had already tried watching the series (for free, mind you) and didn't like it had absolutely zero interest in paying good money to go watch a movie based on the same property.