Watch the first full-length trailer for the Total Recall remake

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The first full-length trailer for Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake is out, and it shows just how special effects-heavy this movie's going to be. We get a good look at the notorious Total Recall chair, Colin Farrell's supersoldier moves, the CG megacity, and some flying car action — all guest-starring a menacing Bryan Cranston and John Cho's bleach blond hair.


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So here's Philip K. Dick for the dubstep generation. What a substantial change even since the days of "A Scanner Darkly" (a mere 6 years ago) when audiences could (however few of them) still be asked to think.

This trailer somehow manages to make PKD look completely inconsequential. I haven't seen the original Total Recall, and after viewing this trailer, I don't have any plans to.